Three Rivers Regional Library System Technology Plan

FY 2015 through FY 2018

October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2017

Dixie, Gilchrist, and Lafayatte counties established the Three Rivers Regional Library System in 1995 through interlocal agreement to coordinate public library services in these three North Florida counties. Prior to the establishment of the Three Rivers Regional Library System, the county libraries were members of the Suwannee River Regional Library System. In 2011, Taylor County joined the Three Rivers Regional Library System. Each county has a public library and the System has an office in Mayo, Florida.

Currently, library facilities include:

Service Vision: To broaden the scope of library services through technology

The Three Rivers Regional Library System technology plan supports the library’s Annual and Long Range Plan. The continuing importance of e-government, e-commerce, and other forms of electronic transactions in the realm of public libraries makes it important that our library staff have continuous and appropriate training. Computer equipment must be kept current, and software up-to-date, in order to handle these transactions. Maintenance of our technologies becomes even more important.


The Three Rivers Regional Library System provides information and answers to questions on a broad array of topics related to work, school, and personal life; assists individuals involved in self-directed personal growth and development; assists students enrolled in a formal program of education to help them attain their educational goals; and provides information about current cultural and social trends and recreational materials in a variety of formats.

Goals and Objectives:

This technology plan addresses three service areas in which technology has an impact; Public Services, Staff Services, and Support Services. Goals and objectives are listed for each.

Public Services

Goal 1: Provide Internet access to the public.

Objective: Install and maintain the Envisionware PC Management product on all public computer terminals to automate patron access to computers, reducing waiting times and insuring equitable use of computing resources.

Objective: Promote & publicize wireless access to the Internet in all branches of the system.

Objective: Maintain the IBOSS filtering system at the Headquarters, Dixie, Gilchrist, and Lafayette branches. Maintain the Sonic Wall filtering system at the Taylor County branch. These systems comply with the Federal CIPA regulations.

Objective: Monitor Bandwidth usage at all locations and ascertain if higher bandwidths are needed to maintain acceptable service to the public.

Goal 2: Provide electronic resources to the public.

Objective: Review and select electronic resources for the public on an ongoing basis.

Objective: Develop online collections such as e-books and other downloadable resources to supplement materials available in the library.

Objective: Provide the necessary infrastructure and training to support demand for online eGovernment and other social services needs.

Objective: Procure a new library website design that will be used by all locations and that will integrate multiple technological offerings to enhance functionality and usability for the public.

Goal 3: Provide training for the public on electronic resources.

Objective: Library users will be offered classes, workshops, and presentations in using electronic resources, including the Internet, on an ongoing basis.

Staff Services

Goal 1: Provide electronic resources to all staff

Objective: Evaluate and select electronic resources for the staff on an ongoing basis.

Objective: Ensure that staff computers are kept updated with current technologies on an ongoing basis. Productivity and virus software will be kept updated. Develop a schedule to replace staff computers with new computers. Staff computers should not be older than three years as computer technologies and standards change rapidly.

Goal 2: Provide computer and Internet training opportunities for staff.

Objective: The Three Rivers Regional Library System is an enhanced member of NEFLIN, and staff will be offered a variety of technology based workshops on an ongoing basis.

Objective: Implement a staff technology training plan to insure core competencies amongst all staff members of Three Rivers Regional Libraries.

Objective: Identify staff who can be trained in specific areas of technology to become knowledgeable “area specialists.”

Support Services

Goal 1: Ensure that the Koha circulation and catalog automated system operates properly.

Goal 2: Maintain a stable and secure technology and telecommunication network.

Objective: Continue to work with our contracted network consultants (Hayes EGovernment Resources) to expand and enhance our network capabilities.

Objective: Schedule advanced network training for IT staff.

Goal 3: Maintain suitable bandwidth to all library locations to support staff technology functions.

Objective: Periodically review bandwidth needs at member libraries, increase when needed.

Goal 4: Increase Information Technology services to member libraries.

Objective: Enter into a contract for services agreement with Taylor County and the Taylor County Library to provide the Three Rivers Regional Library System the services of their Library IT Technician on a full time/40 hours per week basis.

Goal 5: Emphasize Responsible Management

Objective: Utilize technology to minimize the use of paper, provide better access to documents and information, and reduce staff and patron time.

Objective: Expand the use of web-based internal/external training and meetings.

Objective: Continuously review, recommend and adapt work flow procedures to increase efficiency and effectively use new or changing technologies.

Goal 6: Obtain additional funding for technology

Objective: Identify and apply for grant funding to supplement existing government funding for technology needs in the Three Rivers Libraries.

Goal 7: Review new technology, platforms and software.

Objective: Insure that the Libraries and patrons have access to new technologies by reviewing and when appropriate purchasing newer technologies.

Existing Technology and Services

The Three Rivers Regional Library System provides access to electronic information resources through a local area network (LAN) and a wide area network (WAN). A contract with AT&T provides a T-3 line for general internet use for the Dixie County Public Library and the Gilchrist County Public Library. A contract with Windstream provides a T-3 line for the Headquarters and Lafayette County Public Library for general Internet use and the WAN, which serves the System. The System is a part of the FIRN network, allocating our TCP/IP ranges and providing network support.

The Three Rivers Regional Library System uses the Koha library automation system for circulation and cataloging functions. The branches connect to this system over the internet with web browsers to circulate materials, register users, catalog items, and run reports. The Koha library automation system also provides a web based catalog, enabling library users and staff the opportunity to search our holdings.

The Three Rivers Regional Library System site can be reached at The library provides access to Florida Electronic Library databases, administered by the Florida Department of State, Division of Library and Information Services.

The library branches have 45 public internet computers available to the public, 9 at Gilchrist, 10 at Lafayette, 11 at Dixie, and 15 at Taylor. All provide Internet access and productivity software. The web based online catalog (Koha) is available from all of these computers. Four network printers, one per branch, are available. In addition, free and open Wi-Fi access is available at all branch locations so that patrons who bring in their own laptops can access the Internet. This access extends to the parking lots at each library location, allowing access to the Internet when branches are closed.

Staff and Library User Training

The Three Rivers Regional Library System has technology training for the staff on-site, given by the Director, Operations Manager, or the Systems Technician. Topics and times vary. As an enhanced member of NEFLIN, the library staff regularly attends a wide variety of computer and Internet related workshops. Web based training sessions are becoming available enabling staff to view a workshop at their library. It is crucial that the System continue to stress the importance of staff training in this age of rapid technological change.

The System conducts or schedules technology classes for the public at all four library branches. Classes cover a variety of topics, from Introduction to the Internet, to PowerPoint basics, to digital cameras, to introduction of new technologies. These classes utilize the libraries’ laptop computers and library prepared handouts.


The Three Rivers Regional Library System staff monitor, track, and evaluate usage of electronic resources and technology based services. Services are evaluated based on quantitative measures and user / staff surveys. The surveys are analyzed and reviewed. The following usage statistics will be used:

The Technology Plan will be evaluated on an annual basis to determine if there are any changes to be made.

BudgetFY 2015FY 2016FY 2017
Computer Workstations$2,000$2,000$2,000
Network printers500500500
Telecommunications equipment500500500
Other equipment500500500
Voice (includes long distance)8,0008,5009,000
Service Contracts / Maintenance
Annual Koha Support / others2,2002,5002,500
Computer support7,5001,8002,000
IT Services Contract27,04027,04027,040
Online Databases7,0004,0004,000
Training (includes travel)3,5003,5003,500

Approved by Three Rivers Regional Library Board on September 11, 2014.