Public Access Computer Use Policy

Computer use is limited to one hour when others are waiting. As we recognize that some computer sessions may take longer than others (examples include but are not limited to online exams, research papers, school work, applications), time limits may be extended at the discretion of the library staff.

Patrons who wish to use the library’s public access computers must possess a current library card and not be suspended for overdue books or unpaid fines. Computers designated for E-Government use will be available to all citizens during regular library hours. Minor children must possess a current library card in good standing and have the written permission of their parent or guardian to use the library’s public access computers. Upon completion of a permission form, the minor patron will be issued a youth computer card that must be presented upon each library visit. Travelers and visitors to the area are not required to have a library card.

The library does not guarantee the authenticity of any web site. Patrons are encouraged to use their best judgment when filling out forms or sharing personal information.

Patrons who need to fill out forms requiring sensitive information but are unfamiliar with using a computer are encouraged to bring a trusted family member or friend to help them. While the library makes every effort to maintain the security of its computers, no system is fool proof. The library cannot guarantee privacy, safety or security when utilizing library public access computers or the library’s WIFI connection. The patron assumes all risk when using our public access computers and our wireless internet.

Wireless Internet Service

Wireless Internet access is provided. Guests and patrons alike are welcome to bring their own laptop or wireless device and use any of our public seating areas to take advantage of this service. Please note that wireless devices should not be left unattended. The Library cannot assume responsibility for theft of equipment or damage to any hardware or software of personal computing devices.

Patrons are encouraged to use good judgment when using a public wireless system, as no system is absolutely secure. The Library cannot guarantee privacy, safety or security. Pornography and nudity are strictly prohibited on all computers used in the library or on library grounds. While using our wireless Internet please keep in mind that not all sites are appropriate to view in public places.

Policy Summary

You may not:

Violating these rules may result in losing computer use privileges at all Three Rivers locations.

Printing is allowed and costs $.15 per page. You must pay for all pages printed, even the unintended ones.

Approved by the Three Rivers Regional Library Board on September 21, 2017