LONG RANGE PLAN, 2020-2025

October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2025


The Three Rivers Regional Library System provides information and answers to questions on a broad array of topics related to work, school, and personal life; assists individuals involved in self-directed personal growth and development; assists students enrolled in a formal program of education to help them attain their educational goals; and provides information about popular cultural and social trends and recreational materials in a variety of formats.


Goal 1: Member libraries Support

Objective:TRRLS will provide centralized services to all member libraries.

Rationale: TRRLS was formed to provide centralized services that our counties could not independently afford. Centralized services consist of programs and services encompassing the entire library system including; computerization of library holdings and patron library card records; staffing for ordering and processing library materials; funding for telecommunication costs; maintenance of the online catalog; maintenance and updates to the library website; staffing for other technical and administrative tasks, and more. TRRLS will also continue to oversee training and make training available to member Library’s staff.


Goal 2: Technology

Objective: TRRLS will continue to broaden the scope of library services through technology.

Rationale: Many patrons depend on TRRLS member libraries to conduct e-government, e-commerce, and other electronic transactions. It is important that our library staff have continuous and appropriate computer training, and that TRRLS keep computer equipment current, and computer software up-to-date.


Goal 3: Information Literacy and Community Education

Objective: TRRLS will continue to help our patrons obtain the necessary skills related to finding, evaluating and using information effectively. Literacy is a life-long process that begins in early childhood and continues throughout a lifetime. The traditional paths of learning and literacy are still important but digital knowledge and literacy is becoming ever more vital to personal growth. TRRLS will provide learning activities that will enrich and enlarge the world of the surrounding rural communities. Support will be given to patrons seeking educational opportunities by home schooling and through traditional and online college instruction. Life-long learning will be facilitated by maintaining current library collections and subscriptions to digital resources. Interlibrary Loan will continue to be offered in a timely manner.

Rationale: The Library is able to provide the community access to information and educational opportunities. There are notable disparities between demographic groups: people with low incomes, disabilities, seniors, minorities, the less-educated, non-family households, and the non-employed tend to lag behind other groups in home broadband use. While there is no single solution to closing the information literacy access gap, increasing digital literacy skills among non-users is key to bringing them online and opening doors to opportunity. Rural residents are limited in their pursuit of educational opportunities by their physical distance from the centers of higher education. They may also be prevented from seeking further education and training because of full-time work schedules and family responsibilities. While educational teleconferencing may make a university education possible for many rural students, these instruction methods do not provide access to the university library and information resources necessary for self-directed learning, nor do they generally provide instruction in their use.


Goal 4: Establish the Library as a Community Hub

Objective: TRRLS will focus on ways to make the Library a welcoming and vibrant location for all members of our community. Efforts will be targeted towards enhancing and promoting friendly and efficient customer service, providing and promoting the Library as meeting place for the community, and having the Library provide services beyond the physical walls of the Library building.

Rationale: The Library is in a unique position to be able to provide members of the community of all ages a place to go to as a calm haven, a place to go to for learning, education and information, and a place for recreation and entertainment as well. The Library can work with community groups, businesses and governmental entities to provide a place for meetings, programs and activities. The Library is also positioned to be able to project services beyond the traditional walls of the building, both electronically and in person.



The implementation of goals or objectives is subject to funding levels. Approval of this plan does not commit the Board to the expenditure of funds. This plan serves only to guide and facilitate the development of library services.

Approved by the Three Rivers Regional Library Board of Trustees September 10, 2020.