Acceptable Use Guidelines for Three Rivers Regional Library Electronic Mail System

  1. Purpose: The E-mail system is for conducting library business. Three Rivers Regional Library (3Rivers) will maintain email accounts for use by member library staff, subject to the following terms and conditions.
  2. Ownership: Messages that are created, sent or received using the 3Rivers e-mail system are the property of 3Rivers. 3Rivers reserves the right to access and disclose the contents of all messages created, sent or received using its e-mail system. Account holders expressly waive any right of privacy in anything they create, store, send or receive on the 3Rivers e-mail system.
  3. Usage and Availability: 3Rivers is providing an e-mail account only. The account holder must have an internet connection through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to access the e-mail system. Library accounts will remain active as long as the user is employed by or works at 3Rivers or a member library. The account will be terminated when the user’s employment ends. It is the responsibility of the member library manager to notify 3Rivers of these changes.
    1. No commercial messages, or messages of a religious or political nature are to be distributed using the e-mail system. E-mail messages may not contain content that may be considered offensive or disruptive. Offensive content includes but is not limited to obscene or harassing language or images, racial, ethnic, sexual or gender specific comments or images or other comments or images that would offend someone on the basis of their religious or political beliefs, sexual orientation, national origin or age.
    2. 3Rivers will provide the email account username. Accounts are for use by the account holder only, and the password should not be given to anyone. The account holder will be held liable for misuse of the account by someone other than the account holder.
    3. As this is considered the business e-mail system for 3Rivers and its member libraries, all staff will be responsible for monitoring their e-mail account on a regular basis.
  4. Non-Business E-mail: Incidental and occasional personal use of electronic mail is permitted. Such messages become the property of 3Rivers and are subject to the same conditions as business e-mail.
  5. Violations: Violation of this policy will result in action up to and including revocation of the account and/or legal action if warranted. Account holders should report any misuse of the e mail system or violations of this policy to 3Rivers.