Standards of Conduct and Ethics

The items listed are examples of the standards expected of a Three Rivers employee, but are not intended to be all inclusive.

A. Outside Employment - No employee shall engage in any outside employment or other activity which interferes in any way with the full performance of his or her duties and responsibilities to Three Rivers.

B. Acceptance of Money or Gifts - No employee shall seek or accept any thing of value that would cause a reasonably prudent person to be, or seem to the public to be, influenced in the discharge of official duties.

C. Financial Interest - No employee shall have a direct or indirect financial interest that conflicts substantially or appears to conflict substantially with his or her official duties and responsibilities, or engage in financial transactions as a result of relying on information obtained through employment.

D. Use of Government Property - No employee shall use or allow the use of County, State, or Federal property of any kind for other than officially approved activities.

E. Lost/Damaged Public Property - All employees shall immediately report to the Director, any accident, loss or damage to public property or equipment assigned to or used by them. Should such property damage or equipment be found bearing evidence of damage which has not been reported, it shall be considered prima facie evidence that the last person using the property or equipment was responsible for this damage and shall subject the employee to reimbursement charges and/or disciplinary action.

Employees shall also notify the Director of any defects or hazardous conditions existing in any public equipment or property. The Director shall take appropriate action to correct these conditions.

Should any Three Rivers employee be involved in an accident involving a publicly-owned vehicle which results in damages of more than one hundred dollars ($100.00), the employee will be required to appear before the Appointing Authority to ascertain whether the employee is responsible for the damages. Should the employee be found responsible, the Board may require the employee to appear to determine the amount of liability and establish the amount of reimbursement to Three Rivers. The reimbursement required may be in full or in part.

F. Use of Government Information - No employee shall use or allow the use of official information gained through employment, which has not been made available to the general public, for furthering a private interest.

G. Gambling - No employee shall participate in any gambling activity of any kind while on duty or while on County owned or leased property.

H. Civil Disorders - No employee shall engage in a riot or civil disorder when acts of violence causing danger to property or injury to persons who are involved.

I. General Conduct - No employee shall engage in criminal, infamous, dishonest, immoral, or obviously disgraceful conduct, or other conduct injurious or prejudicial to Three Rivers Regional Library System.

J. Dress Code - Each employee shall dress modestly or appropriately to his or her position or job function.

K. Drugs and Alcohol - No Three Rivers employee may purchase, consume, or be under the influence of any alcohol or controlled substance while on Three Rivers Regional Library System time.