Three Rivers Regional Library System

Budget Draft

Fiscal Year 2018 - 2019

Budget Narrative

The State Library has advised that funding to cooperative level organizations (3 Rivers) will remain the same.

Personal Services

State retirement costs have increased. We are currently showing an increase for insurance, however, Gilchrist Co. has changed coverage companies and there should be a savings during next budget year.

Staff raise options are shown at the bottom of the sheet for Board consideration.

Professional Services

Our cost for Admin and Financial Services will increase by $1,000 per the current contract.

The cost for our Integrated Library computer system has increased by $220.

We are lowering the budgeted amount for computer consulting by $200.

The cost of the annual audit has increased by $550.

Operating Expenses

Expenditures in this area remain constant with the exception of:

Capital Outlay

The Board has discussed at the previous two meetings having Three Rivers invest in security upgrades at the Libraries. This is where we would budget those projects.

Books, Publications and Library Materials

Reducing Regional materials by $300